Nietzsche, Biology and Metaphor

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Dezember 2005



This book explores Friedrich Nietzsche's response to the debates sparked by Charles Darwin's The Origin of Species.


Acknowledgements; Introduction; Part I. Evolution: 1. The physiology of power; 2. The physiology of morality; 3. The physiology of art; Part II. Degeneration: 4. Nietzsche and the nervous age; 5. Christianity and degeneration; 6. Degenerate art; Conclusion; Bibliography; Index.


Gregory Moore is Research Fellow at Sidney Sussex College, Cambridge.


'Gregory Moore's Nietzsche, Biology and Metaphor addresses an area of Nietzsche studies that has for long called for such a detailed and well-informed work? Moore's success lies in uncovering the subtleties, both historical and intellectual, of Nietzsche's complex position on evolution, nature and the human.' The Times Higher Education Supplement 'Deeply researched and closely argued, dispassionately and lucidly written, and skilfully integrating an extraordinary quantity of recondite primary materials, this book is a landmark in Nietzsche studies and an exemplary work of intellectual history.' Journal of European Studies 'I found Moore's book of considerable interest ...' History of Political Thought 'This is an excellent scholarly work that is essential to anyone interested in Nietzsche's cultural milieu and the intellectual influences on his work.' European Journal of English Studies 'This is one of the best products of the 'new historical' school of Nietzsche interpretation. This book overlaps with recent work on Nietzsche's relation to Darwinism but raises many broader issues. ... Neitschze, Biology and Metaphor makes a new and valuable contribution to our understanding of Friedrich Neitzsche.' British Journal for the History of Philosophy
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