Satan: A Biography

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August 2006



This study shows how the Satan of the New Testament became the modern day personification of evil.


List of illustrations; List of abbreviations; Introduction; Part I. Hebrew Backgrounds: 1. The Old Testament; 2. Apocryphal works and the Dead Sea Scrolls; Part II. The New Testament: Satan Comes Into His Own: 3. St. Paul, the first Christian writer; 4. The four Gospels; 5. Later Epistles; 6. The apocalypse of John the Divine; 7. Putting the New Testament together: a composite portrait of Satan in canonical order; Part III. Satan and Adam: 8. Satan's original sin: felling Adam; Part IV. The Rise of the Fallen Lucifer: 9. Lucifer and the new biography of Satan; 10. Satan and the human race; 11. Theorizing Satan; 12. Satan in literature and art; Part V. Satan in the Modern World: 13. Temptation and possession; 14. Doubts and affirmations; Summary and conclusion; Index of passages; General index.


Henry Ansgar Kelly is Distinguished Professor Emeritus, Department of English and Director of the Center of Medieval Studies, UCLA.


'[Kelly's] interpretation is accepted by many biblical scholars. The theory provides an explanation for the presence of evil and suffering, without denying the existence or omniscience of God. ... The professor makes the case for Satan as more a 'functionary of the divine court' than 'an enemy of God as well as of Man, a convicted cosmic outlaw'.' The Times 'Kelly's stunningly bold attempt at rehabilitation makes the late Lord Longford's efforts to convince the British public that Moors murderer Myra Hindley was a reformed character look positively timid.' Daily Mail 'Kelly shows himself to be a masterful teacher. ... [He] illustrates nicely a sound approach in historical theology.' Professor Daniel J. Harrington, S. J., Weston Jesuit School of Theology in Cambridge, Massachusetts '... enough here to stimulate and entertain. ... astute and deftly written ...' Literary Review 'In this succinct study, he adopts the role of Satan's unofficial spin doctor. The result is entertaining as well as rigourous. ... What could have been a crawling survey is in fact a lively and sane account that does much to rehabilitate Satan's reputation. Kelly's conclusions will surprise many...Kelly displays impressive control of his material attuned to nuances in Hebrew, Greek and Latin.' Times Literary Supplement
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