The Cambridge Companion to Margaret Atwood

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Margaret Atwoods international celebrity as a writer, cultural critic, and media star has given new visibility to Canadian literature in English. This Companion, with essays by twelve leading international Atwood critics, provides the most comprehensive and up to date account of Atwoods novels, short stories, poetry, and essays. Chapters cover biographical, textual and contextual issues, emphasising Atwoods Canadianness and her international appeal as an imaginative writer. The Introduction contains an analysis of dominant trends in Atwood criticism since the 1970s, and the essays consider themes, language, humour and narrative techniques.


Margaret Atwood chronology; Introduction Coral Ann Howells;
1. Margaret Atwood in her Canadian context David Staines;
2. Biography/autobiography Lorraine York;
3. Power politics: power and identity Pilar Somacarrera;
4. Margaret Atwood's female bodies Madeleine Davies;
5. Margaret Atwood and environmentalism Shannon Hengen;
6. Margaret Atwood and history Coomi S. Vevaina;
7. Home and nation in Margaret Atwood's later fiction Eleanora Rao;
8. Margaret Atwood's humour Marta Dvorak;
9. Margaret Atwood's poetry and poetics Branko Gorjup;
10. Margaret Atwood's short stories and shorter fictions Reingard M. Nischik;
11. Margaret Atwood's dystopian visions: The Handmaid's Tale and Oryx and Crake Coral Ann Howells;
12. Blindness and survival in Margaret Atwood's major novels Sharon R. Wilson; Further reading.


Coral Ann Howells is Professor of English and Canadian Literature at the University of Reading. Her books include Private and Fictional Words, Margaret Atwood (winner of the Margaret Atwood Society Best Book Award in 1997), Alice Munro, and Contemporary Canadian Women's Fiction: Refiguring Identities. She is co-editor of Margaret Atwood: The Shape-Shifter and editor of Where are the Voices Coming From? Canadian Culture and the Legacies of History. She is former President of the British Association of Canadian Studies and has been associate editor of the International Journal of Canadian Studies. She has lectured extensively on Margaret Atwood and Canadian women's fiction in the UK, Europe, Australia, Canada, USA, and India.


'The Cambridge Companion to Margaret Atwood boasts an impressive array of essays by international Atwood scholars.' Canadian Literature 'it is doubtlessly an example of sound, well-informed and well-written scholarship that consolidates the achievements of several decades of Atwood criticism, as well as a commendable classroom tool.' Atlantis 'It is an enlightening and pleasurable experience to immerse oneself into this new timely collection on Canada's 'Queen of Letters', Margaret Atwood.' The review of English studies '... a companion of sound and agile mind as well as of engaging demeanour, able to keep pace alongside and offer lively conversation and insights along the way. ... The book also profiles new avenues of research.' University of Toronto Quarterly
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