Copy, Rip, Burn: The Politics of Copyleft and Open Source

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September 2008



Open source technology, like Linux, has revolutionised the world of copyright and expanded the technological potentials of digital media. From downloading music and movies to accessing free software, digital media is forcing us to rethink the very idea of intellectual property. While big companies complain about lost profits, the individual has never enjoyed such freedom and autonomy in the market. Berry explores this debate in a clear and concise way, offering an ideal introduction for anyone not versed in the legalistic terminology that -- up until now -- has dominated coverage of this issue. Looking at the historical development of the free software and the open source movement he examines its growth, politics and potential impact, showing how the ideas that inspired the movement have now begun to influence wider cultural and political transformations. He explores whether free software and open source offer the potential for re-thinking our relationship with technology in the information society. This is a key text for students of media studies, politics, journalism and anyone interested in new opportunities for creating a truly independent and democratic media.


Acknowledgements Preface
1. The Canary in the Mine
2. The Information Society
3. The Concept of the Commons
4. From Free Software to Open Source?
5. The Contestation of Code
6. The Poetics of Code Bibliography Index


Dr. David M. Berry is a lecturer in the Media and Communication department at the University of Swansea. He researches the philosophy of technology, medium theory, digital media and the social and political implications of the information society.
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