A Dynamic Balance: Social Capital and Sustainable Community Development

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Januar 2006



Foreword / Richard A. Skinner; Introduction / Jenny Onyx; Part 1: Vision; 1. Social Capital and Sustainable Community Development: Is There a Relationship? / Ann Dale; Part 2: Connections; 2. Ecological and Social Systems: Essential System Conditions / Vivienne Wilson; 3. Social Ecology as a Framework for Understanding and Working with Social Capital and Sustainability within Rural Communities / Stuart B. Hill; Part 3: Actions; 4. Enabling Structures for Coordinated Action: Community Organizations, Social Capital, and Rural Community Sustainability / Jo Barraket; 5. Negotiating Interorganizational Domains: The Politics of Social, Natural, and Symbolic Capital / Suzanne Benn and Jenny Onyx; 6. Modelling Social Capital in a Remote Australian Indigenous Community / Paul Memmott and Anne Meltzer; 7. Stones: Social Capital in Canadian Aboriginal Communities / Lesley Moody and Isabel Corduavon Specht; 8. Communities of Practice for Building Social Capital in Rural Australia: A Case Study of ExecutiveLink / Sue Kilpatrick and Frank Vanclay; 9. Social Capital and the Sustainability of Rural or Remote Communities: Evidence from the Australian Community Survey / Alan Black and Philip Hughes; 10. Social Capital and Sustainable Development: The Case of Broken Hill / Jenny Onyx and Lynelle Osburn; 11. Social Capital Mobilization for Ecosystem Conservation / Jennie Sparkes; 12. Values, Social Acceptability, and Social Capital: The Canadian Nuclear Waste Disposal Case / Grant Sheng; 13. The Challenges of Traditional Models of Governance in the Creation of Social Capital / Tony Boydell; Part 4: Assessing Progress; 14. Exciting the Collective Imagination / James Tansey; Conclusion: Reflections / Ann Dale; Contributors; Index.


Ann Dale is Professor in the Science, Technology, and Environment Division at Royal Roads University. She is a Trudeau Fellow, and a Canada Research Chair in Sustainable Community Development. Jenny Onyx is the Director of the Centre for Australian Community Organisation and Management at the University of Technology in Sydney.

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