What They Didn't Tell You about Knowledge Management

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There are a myriad of books that have been published on knowledge management. However, very few of these books give the practical know-how of what truly is needed in the information professional/manager's mind: how to make the decision whether knowledge management is right for you; how to explain the pros and cons of the various knowledge management alternatives/solutions; how to determine which knowledge management solution, if any, is the best fit with your organizational culture; how to explain the way to show the expected value-added benefits of using knowledge management; and how to discuss lessons learned in applying knowledge management (i.e. how others have utilized KM techniques for enhanced decision making).


Part 1 Preface Part 2 Acknowledgments Chapter 3 1. The Management Fad of the Day Chapter 4 2. Gaining the Knowledge behind Knowledge Management Chapter 5 3. KM in the Life on an Information and Library Professional Chapter 6 4. Is KM Right for You? Chapter 7 5. Content, Document, Expertise, and Knowledge Management Chapter 8 6. Lessons Learned about Knowledge Management Chapter 9 7. Showing Value from Knowledge Management Chapter 10 8. The Future of Knowledge Management Part 11 Appendix A: Knowledge Access and Sharing Survey Part 12 Appendix B: GAO Report on Human Capital Part 13 Index Part 14 About the Author


Jay Liebowitz is Professor of Information Technology in the Graduate Division of Business and Management at Johns Hopkins University. He is the Program Director of the new Graduate Certificate in Competitive Intelligence at Johns Hopkins University. He is Founder and Editor-in-Chief of a top-tier refereed journal, Expert Systems With Applications: An International Journal.


Author Jay Liebowitz shares KM basics in his concise new book...He explains how KM applies to information and library professionals, how to determine if KM is right for your organization, the lessons he has learned about KM, and what the future holds for KM. American Libraries, September 2006 For information and library science professionals, Liebowitz (information technology, Johns Hopkins U.) describes how to use knowledge management successfully in an organization. He explains how to decide whether knowledge management is right for the organization; his own experience using it at NASA; the knowledge management cycle and the roles of those involved; content, document, and expertise management; lessons about development, strategy, implementation, and management; and showing value. The book can also be used by managers, business executives, human capital officers, IT professionals, those in human resources, and professionals and students. Reference and Research Book News, August 2006
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