Chaotic Worlds: from Order to Disorder in Gravitational N-Body Dynamical Systems

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September 2006



Based on the recent NATO Advanced Study Institute "Chaotic Worlds: From Order to Disorder in Gravitational N-Body Dynamical Systems", this state of the art textbook, written by internationally renowned experts, provides an invaluable reference volume for all students and researchers in gravitational n-body systems. The contributions are especially designed to give a systematic development from the fundamental mathematics which underpin modern studies of ordered and chaotic behaviour in n-body dynamics to their application to real motion in planetary systems. This volume presents an up-to-date synoptic view of the subject.


Preface.- Lecturers.- Part I Tools of Order.- Canonical perturbation theory for nearly integrable systems; A. Giorgilli, U. Locatelli.- Periodic orbits in gravitational systems; J.D. Hadjedemetriou.- Periodic solutions in gravitational problems and the structure of solution space; P.J. Message.- General properties of three-body systems with Hill-type stability; C. Marchal.- Part II Tools for investigation of chaos and its sources.- The fine structure of Hamiltonian systems revealed using The Fast Lyapunov Indicator; C. Froeschlé, E. Lega.- Fourier analysis of chaotic motions and applications to celestial mechanics; M. Guzzo.- Part III Sources of chaos.- Basics of regularization theory; A. Celletti.- Order and chaos in satellite encounters; J. Waldvogel.- Part IV Applications.- Regular motions in extra-solar planetary systems; S. Ferraz-Mello et al.- Tides on Europe; R. Greenberg.- Numerical evaluation of love's solution for tidal amplitude; T.A. Hurford et al.- On the general solutions of Hilbert-Einstein field equations in vacuum; C. Marchal.- Participants.-
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