Imaging of Kidney Cancer

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This is one of the first books to deal specifically with diagnostic imaging of the entire spectrum of kidney cancers. Both new and conventional imaging modalities are fully considered. After an introductory chapter on the histopathological classification of kidney cancers, the advantages and disadvantages of the various imaging modalities used in the diagnosis and assessment of disease extension are documented. Subsequent chapters offer an exhaustive description of the radiological features of the different histological subtypes of kidney cancer, with radiological and histological illustrations and tables. The latest innovations in interventional and minimally invasive procedures are also well covered. The book benefits from carefully chosen and technically excellent images. Each of the 24 chapters is written by an internationally acclaimed expert, making this book the most current and complete treatment of the subject available. It should be of great interest to radiologists, oncologists, and urologists.


Histopathological Classification.- Ultrasound and Doppler in Kidney Cancer.- CT in Kidney Cancer.- MR Imaging in Kidney Cancers.- Angiography in Kidney.- PET/CT in Kidney Cancer.- Renal Cell Carcinoma.- Transitional Cell Carcinoma.- Kidney Sarcomas.- Cystic Renal Lesions.- Collecting Duct Carcinoma.- Renal Sinus Neoplasms.-Small Renal Neoplasms.- Unusual Kidney Cancers.- Hereditary Kidney Cancer.-Extraosseous Metastases.- Imaging of Bone Metastases.- Renal Lymphomas.- Lymphoproliferative Neoplasms.- Pediatric Kidney Cancers.- Percutaneous Biopsy and Radiofrequency.- Imaging-Guided Interventions.- Preoperative Navigation of Nephron-Sparing Surgery.- Laparoscopic Nephron-Sparing Surgery.- Subject Index.- List of Contributors



Dr Guermazi is currently at Synarc Inc, a company specializing in clinical research involving radiology. As Scientific Director of Oncology Services, he is in charge of oncology studies, including clinical trials involving kidney cancer. Previously, he was a Visiting Associate Professor in the Department of Radiology at the University of California San Francisco, working with Pr. Harry K. Genant. Before his American experience, he was a radiologist at Saint-Louis Hospital in Paris for 12 years. Saint-Louis Hospital is one of the 2 or 3 most respected hospitals in the world for treatment of cancer. In his time there, Dr Guermazi worked with literally thousands of patients with cancer. His previous clinical experience and current research give Dr. Guermazi a depth of knowledge on the subject that makes him unusually well qualified to edit this volume. He has also edited a previous book in this series on the radiological aspects of hematological disorders, and has written numerous papers on the radiological aspects of many other diseases.
Co-authors include Elliot Fishman, Peter Mueller, Nancy Curry, Ronald Zagoria, Gary Israel, Lisa Lowe, and Christian Schiepers, all extremely well known and well respected physicians with established reputations as international leaders in the field of kidney cancer.


From the reviews:
"At present, this may well be one of the most complete and useful books on kidney cancer imaging and practitioners should be able to find many answers to their questions in this publication." [European Urology Today, 2005]
From RAD Magazine, July 2006:
'This volume offers its readers an excellent overview of kidney cancer. As with most volumes in this series, the quality of images is excellent and the layout and coverage comprehensive. Extensive references are included in each chapter and the book is a delight to read. The contributors to the volume comprise a true international authorship ranging from the USA through to Europe and Asia. Dr. Guermazi has done a splendid job as an editor in producing this excellent overview of the imaging of kidney cancer. The book deserves to be a success and should find its way onto radiology library shelves.'
"This book gives a thorough overview in terms of advantages and limitations of the different imaging modalities ... in their use for diagnosis, staging and follow up of kidney cancers. ... Fully illustrated, the excellence of this book also appears in the panelist of authors chosen for their expertise and prominence in the selected fields. Both residents and senior radiologists and urologists will find in this volume a very good help and information for daily practice." (Dr. Balombi Mathantu and Dr. Robert Andrianne, Acta Chirurgica Belgica, Issue 1, 2007)
"The aim of this work is to present a complete overview of all modern medical imaging techniques, which are essential with respect to both the diagnosis and therapy of kidney cancer ... . All topics are well documented. ... This book is richly illustrated ... . The general format is very clear and practical. Each chapter begins with a precise plan ... . To conclude, this exhaustive, top-quality, and up-to-date book will be of great interest for all physicians dealing with this field of pathology." (B. Grignon, Surgical and Radiologic Anatomy, Vol. 28, 2006)
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