Arabian Deserts

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This is the first comprehensive survey of all the deserts of Arabia, based largely on the author's 50 years of experience there. The text deals with every kind of desert in the region, from vast sand seas to clay pans and stony plains to volcanic flows. Along with dune types unique to the region the author outlines climatic changes, current ecology and human influence on desertification.


Acknowledgments.- Introduction.- 1: Definitions of Deserts.- 2: Types of deserts and landform regions of Arabia.- 3: Geological setting of Arabian deserts.- 4: Influences of Climate.- 5: Ecology of Arabian deserts.- 6: Watercourses and rivers of Arabia.- 7: Arabian sand seas.- 8: Lesser dunefields of Arabia.- 9: Types of desert dunes.- 10: Sources of sand for Arabian sand dune deserts.- 11: Mechanisms of sand dune accumulation.- 12: Sedimentology of Arabian dune sands.- 13: Desert dust and Loess.- 14: Stony and rocky deserts of Arabia.- 15: Deserts of interior drainage basins.- 16: Coastal deserts of Arabia.- 17: Desert plains, steppes, and plains.- 18: Mountain deserts of Arabia.- 19: Dating methods applied to Arabian deserts and deposits.- 20: Evolution of Arabian deserts and their chronology.- References. Index. Glossary.


From the reviews:"This new book by Edgell is the only one that covers the entire Arabian peninsula ... . This is a book where the reader can find many interesting details about Arabia and a wealth of up-to-date literature ... . In addition, the index of geographical names and the glossary of Arabic terms are very valuable ... . The book may be used with great profit as an encyclopedia of facts about Arabian deserts ... and as such will be welcome in scientific libraries." (H. Besler, Journal of Sedimentary Research, July, 2006)"The 20 chapters of the book cover a wide range of topics on not only the geography, ecology, and geology of the Arabian deserts but also on fundamental knowledge such as sand dunes and dating methods of desert stratigraphy. Therefore, the book would serve both as an up-to-date textbook and as a reference tool." (Rasoul Sorkhabi, American Association of Petroleum Geologists, Vol. 91 (6), 2007)
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