End User Development

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This book makes important aspects of the international discussion on End User Development (EUD) available to a broader audience. It offers a unique set of contributions from research institutes worldwide, addressing relevant issues and proposing original solutions. This broad look at the emerging paradigm of End-User Development will inspire every reader to appreciate its potential for the future. Indeed, the editors hope that readers - "end-users" - will themselves become developers.


End-User Development: An Emerging Paradigm.- Psychological Issues in End-User Programming.- More Natural Programming Languages and Environments.- What Makes End-User Development Tick? 13 Design Guidelines.- An Integrated Software Engineering Approach for End-User Programmers.- Component-Based Approaches to Tailorable Systems.- Natural Development of Nomadic Interfaces Based on Conceptual Descriptions.- End User Development of Web Applications.- End-User Development: The Software Shaping Workshop Approach.- Participatory Programming: Developing Programmable Bioinformatics Tools for End-Users.- Challenges for End-User Development in Intelligent Environments.- Fuzzy Rewriting.- Breaking It Up: An Industrial Case Study of Component-Based Tailorable Software Design.- End-User Development as Adaptive Maintenance.- Supporting Collaborative Tailoring.- EUD as Integration of Components Off-The-Shelf: The Role of Software Professionals Knowledge Artifacts.- Organizational View of End-User Development.- A Semiotic Framing for End-User Development.- Meta-design: A Framework for the Future of End-User Development.- Feasibility Studies for Programming in Natural Language.- Future Perspectives in End-User Development.
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