The Hellenistic World from Alexander to the Roman Conquest: A Selection of Ancient Sources in Translation

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August 2006



Beginning with Alexander and ending with the Roman conquest of the Greek world, the Hellenistic period has been receiving increasing recognition from ancient historians. This new and enlarged edition of Michel Austin's seminal work provides a panoramic view of the Hellenistic world through the medium of ancient sources. It now comprises over three hundred texts from literary, epigraphic and papyrological sources which are presented in original translations and supported by introductory sections, detailed notes and references, chronological tables, maps, illustrations of coins, and a full analytical index.


Introduction; 1. The reign of Alexander (texts 1-25); 2. The age of the successors (texts 26-59); 3. Macedon and the Greek mainland to the Roman conquests (texts 60-100); 4. The Greek cities: social and economic conditions (texts 101-157); 5. The Seleucids and Asia (texts 158-223); 6. The Attalids of Pergamum (texts 224-253); 7. The Ptolemies and Egypt (texts 254-326).


Michel Austin is Honorary Senior Lecturer in Ancient History at the University of St Andrews. His previous publications include Economic and Social History of Ancient Greece. An Introduction. He is the author of numerous articles and was a contributor to the Cambridge Ancient History vol. VI (2nd edition).

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