Afro-Caribbean Immigrants and the Politics of Incorporation: Ethnicity, Exception, or Exit

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April 2006



How are recent minority immigrant groups faring in the political adjustment to the United States? Is racism still a serious obstacle to their political inclusion? This book explores the political experiences of Afro-Caribbean immigrants in New York City to answer these questions. The book joins a number of studies on the millions of recent immigrants to the United States from Asia, Latin America, and the Caribbean, but it is one of the few to offer an in-depth analysis of the role of race in their adjustment to American political life.


1. Beyond black and white theories of political incorporation; 2. 'Good' blacks and 'bad' blacks?; 3. Letting sleeping giants lie; 4. Afro-Caribbean immigrants and African Americans racially bound and ethnically splintered; 5. Afro-Caribbean sojourners; 6. Black like who? Afro-Caribbean immigrants, African Americans, and the politics of group identity; 7. Black ethnic options; Conclusion.


Reuel R. Rogers is an Assistant Professor of Political Science at Northwestern University. His general field of study is American Politics and his specialized research and teaching interests are race, ethnicity, urban politics, immigration, political behavior, and African American politics. He has published articles in journals such as Urban Affairs Review and Political Behavior, as well as essays in edited volumes. He completed this book during a year-long fellowship at the Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study at Harvard University. Professor Rogers has also held graduate fellowships with the Social Science Research Council and the Ford Foundation. He is a professional member of the American Political Science Association and the Midwest Political Science Association.


'... an important contribution to the literature on the political behaviour of immigrant groups and it extends the insights of the literature on transnationalism toward understanding how Afro-Caribbeans participate in American political processes.' New West Indian Guide
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