The Power of Erotic Celibacy: Queering Heteropatriarchy

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Examines the significance that celibacy may hold in the modern millennium. This book considers the female body, how it has been used to underpin exploitative social systems, and how Christianity has tried to control the bodies of women through regulations about the female body.


Introduction; 1. The Body Social.; 2. Creating the Body of Christ.; 3. Christian Celibacy: The Hidden History.; 4. Queering the Body of Christ.; 5. The Queer Body: Embracing Erotic Celibacy.; 6. Conclusion: The Revolutionary Power of Erotic Celibacy.


Lisa Isherwood is Professor in Theology at the University College of St Mark and St John, Plymouth.


'This is one of those books that, after you have read it, you will come back to it and re-read it again and again...it is an important book, written with clarity and even humour, which will be crucial for postgraduate students and advanced undergraduates in the complex area of theology and sexuality. It is unique in the genre and highly recommended.' Marcella M. Althaus-Reid, University of Edinburgh, Expository Times, 2007 --, "Expository Times "
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