The Arthur of the French: The Arthurian Legend in Medieval French and Occitan Literature

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Oktober 2006



This major reference work is the fourth volume in the series Arthurian Literature in the Middle Ages. Principally focused on the production, dissemination, and evolution of Arthurian material from the twelfth to fifth centuries, this volume covers writing in both verse and prose, and addresses such classics as the Tristan legend, the "Vulgate Cycle," and the Grail Continuations.


The Manuscripts Roger Middleton; The Arthur of the Chronicles Francoise Le Saux and Peter Damian-Grint; The Verse Tristan: Tony Hunt and Geoffrey Bromiley; Chretien de Troyes Douglas Kelly; Arthur in the Narrative Lay Matilda T. Bruckner and Glyn S. Burgess; Perceval and the Grail: The Continuations, Robert de Boron, Perlesvaus Rupert Pickens, Keith Busby, Andrea M.L. Williams; Lancelot with and without the Grail: The Pre-Cyclic Lancelot do Lac and the Lancelot-Grail or Vulgate Cycle Elspeth Kennedy (ed.), Michelle Szkilnik, Rupert Pickens, Karen Pratt, Andrea M. L. Williams; The Prose Tristan Emmanuele Baumgartner (translated by Sarah Singer); Rewriting Prose Romance: The Post-Vulgate Roman du Graal and Related Texts Fanni Bogdanow and Richard Trachsler; Arthurian Verse Romance in the Twelfth and Thirteenth Centuries Douglas Kelly Manuscript Compilations of Verse Romances Lori J. Walters; Late Medieval Arthurian Literature Jane H.M. Taylor (ed.), Peter Ainsworth, Norris Lacy, Donald Kennedy, William Kibler; The Arthurian Tradition in Occitan Literature Simon Gaunt and Ruth Harvey; Arthur in Modern French Fiction and Film Joan Tasker Grimbert and Norris J. Lacy;


Glyn Burgess is Senior Fellow and Emeritus Professor, University of Liverpool. Karen Pratt is Senior Lecturer in French, King's College London.


A"This substantial volume is the latest in the UWP series on Arthur. It will certainly become a standard reference work for many years to come, as the treatment of all known Arthurian texts is full and detailed.A"Peter Noble, French Studies, Volume 62.3
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