The Real Estate Investor's Handbook

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April 2006



Shows beginners and seasoned veterans alike the ins and outs of real estate investing. This book gives you strategies and actual case studies from experts to help you invest better and wiser with less time and effort. It features case studies and success stories - from real people. It contains tips and strategies for getting started in this area.


Introduction: Advantages & Disadvantages of Real Estate; Investing with Little Money; Types of Mortgages; Investing in Residential and Commercial Properties; Flipping; Foreclosures and REOs; The Team Approach; Finding and Evaluating Properties; Understanding Leases and Value; Ensuring a Return on Your Investment; Negotiations; Escrow, Due Diligence, and Other Vital Matters; Choosing the Right Landlord Path; Keeping Records; Tax Advantages and Exit Strategies; Conclusion: The Secret to Building Real Estate Wealth; Glossary; Index.


"I found this to be a great read; no, a MUST read for all beginning investors. I was informed, educated, and motivated to continue investing in real estate. If you thumb through the pages, you WILL need to buy the book to get the entire message!" -- RK Kliebenstein
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