Selected Economic Writings

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Mills writings in this volume, first published in 1966, cover his development as an economist and are an attempt to assess his contribution to classic political economy. Particular attention is paid to the formative but less well-known pre-Benthamite period of his life. The volume opens with a substantial biographical assessment of Mills life and work. The selections are specifically divided into four groups consisting of: early economic writings (An Essay of the Impolicy of a Bounty on the Exportation of Grain, Commerce Defended, and Smith on Money and Exchange); James Mill and David Ricardo (Elements of Political Economy); Mill on scope and method (Whether Political Economy is Useful); and Mill and India (History of British India). Donald Winch provides an introduction to each section the contextualies the essays in Mills own work and the economic thought of the time.


James Mill: Selected Economic Writings is sure to be of interest to students of economic theory and social policy. One of the founders of utilitarianism, he adopted that doctrine to both British conditions and Britain's broader imperial pursuits. Donald Winch is professor of economics at the University of Sussex. He has authored and edited many books and papers on economics, economic theory, economic policy and economic history.

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