Getting to Scale: Growing Your Business Without Selling Out

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August 2006



Renowned academic and businesswoman Jill Bamburg shows how mission-driven entrepreneurs can preserve the values of their company while maintaining their growth and competitiveness in the marketplace. Through lessons and stories readers learn how to build growth businesses that can be successful and economically significant in the competitive marketplace. They will learn how their businesses can be strong global competitors without becoming bad local citizens.


Introduction1.Ideas2.Entrepreneur3.Access to Capital4.Ownership5.Access to Markets6.Production and Operations7.Cooperative Structures8.People, Organization and ValuesConclusion


Jill Bamburg worked in Senior Marketing Management at the Aldus Corporation in Seattle before becoming a distinguished faculty member at Antioch University in Seattle, WA and a highly successful marketing consultant. She currently serves as MBA Program Director at Bainbridge Graduate Institute where she heads curriculum development for a cutting edge MBA program in environmentally and socially responsible business.
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