The English Countryside Between the Wars: Regeneration or Decline?

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November 2006



A revisionist look at the true state of rural England between the two world wars.


Recommended. CHOICE Future generations will find this volume of seminal importance in the writing, rewriting, and reshaping of interwar rural history. (...) The editors are to be congratulated on a most commendable and well-executed initiative. ECONOMIC HISTORY REVIEW This is an excellent volume, which opens up a vital new area of historical enquiry, and yet at the same time manages to provide a general overview of the period, one which is unlikely to be superseded for many years. It should be essential reading for all those in the history of the countryside in the twentieth century. RURAL HISTORYProvides a rich set of studies broadening our understanding of rural life in the period. TWENTIETH CENTURY BRITISH HISTORY(A) fascinating and welcome volume. (...) The editors have produced an innovative and important book which will stimulate new research in the inter-war English countryside. HISTORY
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