Geomarketing: Methods and Strategies in Spatial Marketing

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This title describes the state of the art in all areas of spatial marketing, discussing the various constituents which make up the geography of markets.
Demand varies according to location and can be measured according to revenue, the number of households, spending patterns and lifestyles. Supply is also dependent on position, because prices, services, products and available shops rely on location, while the difference between supply and demand is the rationale for the role of the trader.
The book also covers the way geographic techniques help to solve marketing problems and contains chapters written by contributors with extensive experience in this field; given that it is crucial for companies to direct their marketing correctly at their target audience, this will be indispensable reading for those involved in this area.


Chapter 1. Spatial marketing (Gerard Cliquet). Part 1: Consumer behavior and geographic information. Chapter 2. Consumer spatial behavior (Delphine Dion and Gerard Cliquet). Chapter 3. Consumer values, lifestyles and geographic information (Valerie Charriere). Chapter 4. Geomarketing and consumer behavior (Jean-Pierre Douard). Part 2: Retail location and geographic information. Chapter 5. Store location research (Ian Clarke). Chapter 6. Retail location models (Gerard Cliquet). Chapter 7. GIS and retail location models (Graham P. Clarke and Stuart Hayes). Chapter 8. Spatial strategies in retail and service activities (Gerard Cliquet). Part 3: Marketing management and geographic information. Chapter 9. Price and geographic information (Pierre Desmet and Monique Zollinger). Chapter 10. Advertising policy and geographic information (Karine Gallopel). Chapter 11. Direct marketing and geographic information (Christine Petr). Chapter 12. Products and geographic information: geo-merchandizing (Pierre Volle). List of Contributors. Index.


Dr. Gerard Cliquet is Professor of marketing at the Institute of Business Administration (IGR-IAE) of the University of Rennes 1, France and director of the Center for Research in Economics and Management (CREM), France. He is an expert in geomarketing and advisor to many large French companies. He is the author of numerous articles in national and international journals in the marketing and retailing fields and has published eight books.

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