Domestic Manners of the Americans

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Upon its publication in 1832, Domestic Manners of the Ameri-cans instantly caused a storm of controversy. A sometimes scathing, often witty, beautifully written account of the foibles and failings of America as Fanny Trollope saw it, "Domestic Manners" was, however, roundly applauded across Europe. Banned in the U.S. for almost 100 years, it has since become a well loved as a piece of literary history on those shores, even amongst the countrymen, the children and grandchildren of those it once gently taunted.


Mrs Fanny Trollope is the nom-de-plume of Frances Trollope, English novelist, born near Bristol, in 1780. She first came to public notice with the publication of Domestic Manners of the Americans, and went on to publish over 100 volumes, including Jessie Phillips, and Michael Armstrong, Britain's first "workhouse" novel She died in Florence in 1863. Anthony Trollope, well known author of the Barchester Chronicles, was her third son.
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