Young Men Who Have Sexually Abused: A Case Study Guide

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April 2006



Young men who sexually abuse is a subject of increasing concern amongst professionals. This important volume explores the current theoretical and practice issues involved in working therapeutically with young men who have sexually abused.


About the Author. Foreword by Christine Harrison. 1. Introduction. PART ONE: THEORETICAL CONTEXT AND INITIAL PRACTICE ISSUES. 2. A Practice Framework for Holistic Therapeutic Intervention. 3. Assessing Sexual Behaviour. 4. Family Assessment. 5. Foster Care. PART TWO: THERAPEUTIC INTERVENTION WITH YOUNG MEN WHO HAVE SEXUALLY ABUSED. 6. Assessment and Initial Engagement - Case Study, Neil (15). 7. Exploring Patterns of Behaviour - Case Study, Tony (14). 8. Victim Empathy - Case Study, Alan (15). 9. Sex and Relationships Education - Case Study, Luke (15) and Jon (15). 10. Self-Esteem - Case Study, Mark (9). 11. Relapse Prevention - Case Study, Stephen (9) and Graham (14). 12. Evaluation - Case Study, Carl (14). 13. Conclusions. Appendix A: Details of the Sexualised Inappropriate Behaviours Service(SIBS) in Warwickshire. Appendix B: Excerpt from Warwickshire Safeguarding Children Board (WSCB) Inter-Agency Child Protection Procedures. Appendix C: Protocol For Referral Between YOT, Children's Teams and SIBS In Circumstances When Young People Have Committed Sexual Offences. Appendix D: Young People Who Display Inappropriate Sexual Behaviours - Issues For Schools. Bibliography. Index.


Andrew Durham has the Advanced Award in Social Work (AASW), and a Ph.D. in Applied Social Studies, from the University of Warwick, Which researched into the impact of child sexual abuse. He has over 20 years' experience of providing therapeutic services to children and young people, and is a specialist in post-abuse counselling and interventions for children and young people with sexual behaviour difficulties. He is currently a consultant practitioner and manages the Sexualised Inappropriate Behaviours Service (SIBS) in Warwickshire. He is a visiting lecturer at the University of Warwick. He also occasionally works as an independent child care consultant, undertaking therapeutic work with children and young people, consultancy, lecturing and training. He is registered with the Law Society as an expert witness, and has been as adviser to the BBC. He is the author of Young Men Surviving Child Sexual Abuse - Research Stories and Lessons for Therapeutic Practice published by John Wiley in 2003. He has also published a range of other papers and chapters on the subject of child sexual abuse.


" ... a guide for people who work in social work, social care, psychology and residential care." (Heartland Evening News, April 2006) " ... a navigable, interesting and informative book." (Community Care, September 2006)
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