The Great War for Civilisation

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Oktober 2006



Subtitled, "The Conquest Of The Middle East". An astonishing and timely account of fifty years of bloodshed and tragedy in the Middle East from one of our finest and most revered journalists.


Robert Fisk is a bestselling author and journalist based in Beirut as Middle East correspondent of the 'Independent'. He has lived in the Middle East for three decades and holds more British and international journalism awards than any other foreign correspondent. He is also the author of 'Pity the Nation', a history of the Lebanese war, and 'The Age of the Warrior', an anthology of his 'Comment' pieces from the 'Independent'.


'For sheer bravery, dazzling prose, three interviews with Osama bin Laden and an unrivalled collection of awards won over three decades, there is nobody to match Robert Fisk. This book is his testament.' Sunday Times 'Brilliant...powerfully written.' Independent on Sunday 'A remarkable book.' New Statesman 'Fisk writes with a marvellous resource of image and language. His investigative reporting is lethally painstaking.' Neal Ascherson, Independent 'His forte is straight reporting, such as his three interviews with Osama bin Laden. At least as good are his meetings with Saddam Hussein, Khomeini and Sadeq Khalkhali, the hanging judge of the Iranian revolution, and his close-ups of the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan, the launch of Saddam's war against Iran, an ambush by Islamists of an Algerian police patrol, and a lift into trouble in an Apache attack helicopter on the Iraq/Turkey border.' Guardian 'A mammoth and magisterial work, the definitive summation of what has gone wrong in the West's foreign policies towards Arabia.' Scottish Sunday Herald 'A stimulating and absorbing book, by a man who speaks Arabic, who has known the region better than most, and has met the leading players, from bin Laden to Ahmad Chalabi. A formidable production.' New York Times 'Full of furious, vivid and highly personalised writing...An important book by an intrepid and talented writer.' Literary Review 'Vivid, graphic, intense and very personal...this is a book of unquestionable importance.' Washington Post
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