Information Assurance

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This updated edition will help IT managers and assets protection professionals to assure the protection and availability of vital digital information and related information systems assets. It contains major updates and three new chapters. The book uniquely bridges the gap between information security, information systems security and information warfare. It re-examines why organizations need to take information assurance seriously.


An Introduction to Information Assurance.- What is Information Assurance?.- The World of Information.- The Theory of Risks.- The Information World of Crime.- IA Trust and Supply Chains.- Basic IA Concepts and Models.- The Role of Policy in Information Assurance.- IA in the World of Corporations.- The Corporate Security Officer.- Corporate Security Functions.- IA in the Interest of National Security.- The Corporate IA Officer.- IA Organisational Functions.- Incident Management and Response.- Technical Aspects of IA.- IA and Software.- Applying Cryptography to IA.- IA Technology Security.- Security Standards.- The Future and Final Comments.- The Future, Conclusions and Comments.
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Untertitel: Security in the Information Environment. 'Computer Communications and Networks'. 2Rev ed. Sprache: Englisch.
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