Handbook of the Economics of Giving, Altruism and Reciprocity Volume 2: Applications

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The Handbook on the Economics of Giving, Reciprocity and Altruism provides a comprehensive set of reviews of literature on the economics of nonmarket voluntary transfers. The foundations of the field are reviewed first, with a sequence of chapters that present the hard core of the theoretical and empirical analyses of giving, reciprocity and altruism in economics, examining their relations with the viewpoints of moral philosophy, psychology, sociobiology, sociology and economic anthropology. Secondly, a comprehensive set of applications are considered of all the aspects of society where nonmarket voluntary transfers are significant: family and intergenerational transfers; charity and charitable institutions; the nonprofit economy; interpersonal relations in the workplace; the Welfare State; and international aid.
*Every volume contains contributions from leading researchers
*Each Handbook presents an accurate, self-contained survey of a particular topic
*The series provides comprehensive and accessible surveys


Preface. Part II: Family transfers. 13. Microeconomic models of family transfers (A. Laferrere, F-C. Wolff). 14. Altruism, exchange or indirect reciprocity: what do the data on family tranfers show? (L. Arrondel, A.Masson). 15. Intergenerational altruism and neoclassical growth models (P. Michel, E. Thibault, J-P. Vidal). 16. Wealth transfer taxation: A survey of the theoretical litterature (H. Cremer, P. Pestieau). 17. The economics of migrants remittances (F. Docquier, H. Rapoport). Part III: Third sector and labor. 18. Philanthropy (J. Andreoni). 19. Donative nonprofit organizations (M. Bilodeau, R.S. Steinberg). 20. The economics of organ transplantation (E.D. Thorne). 21. Altruism, reciprocity and cooperation in the workplace (J.J. Rotemberg). 22. Reciprocity, altruism and cooperative production (L. Putterman). Part IV: The political economy of voluntary transfers. 23. Strong reciprocity and the welfare state (C. Fong, S. Bowles, H.Gintis). 24. Selfishness, altruism and normative principles in the economic analysis of social transfers (D. Blanchet, M. Fleurbaey). 25. The political economy of intergenerational cooperation (A. Cigno). 26. The economics of international aid (R. Kanbur).
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