Introduction to Computational Genomics

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Dezember 2006



This readable and entertaining book provides a roadmap to navigate entry to the field of computational genomics in biology. It guides the reader through key achievements of bioinformatics, using a hands-on approach. Statistical sequence analysis, sequence alignment, hidden Markov models, gene and motif finding, and other topics are introduced in a rigorous yet accessible way.


Prologue (in praise of cells); 1. The first look at a genome (sequence statistics); 2. All the sequence's men (gene finding); 3. All in the family (sequence alignment); 4. The boulevard of broken genes (hidden Markov models); 5. Are Neanderthals among us? (variation within and between species); 6. Fighting HIV (natural selection at the molecular level); 7. SARS: a post-genomic epidemic (phylogenetic analysis); 8. Welcome to the hotel Chlamydia (whole genome comparisons); 9. The genomics of wine-making (analysis of gene expression); 10. A bed-time story (identification of regulatory sequences); Appendix.


Nello Cristianini is a Professor of Artificial Intelligence, University of Bristol. Matthew Hahn is an Assistant Professor at the Department of Biology and School of Informatics, Indiana University.

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