John Kenneth Galbraith: The Economist as Political Theorist

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This work examines the economist John Kenneth Galbraith through the unique lense of political theory. Waligorski illustrates the continuing link between politics and economics in American political discourse by locating Galbraith in a framework of liberal and conservative theory, controversy, alternatives, and policy. By analyzing Galbraith's complex arguments, Waligorski addresses important issues about the content and nature of American political thought and policy in the twentieth century.


Chapter 1 Preface Chapter 2 Themes and Problems Chapter 3 Rethinking Liberal Values: Power and (Political) Economics Chapter 4 Equality and the Proper Liberal Chapter 5 A Liberal Critique of "Liberal" Freedom Chapter 6 Galbraith and the Economic Debate over Democracy Chapter 7 A Role for Government Chapter 8 A Good Society: Individuality, Community, and Social Balance Chapter 9 Galbraith and American Liberalism


Conrad Waligorski is professor of political science at the University of Arkansas.


Waligorski lights up the less examined side of Galbraith: the explicitly political ideas that made him reformist liberalism's leading policy provisioner. He shows just where Galbraith's trenchant attack on conservative political economy comes from and where it applies today. Astute, honest, and full of insight, this is a uniquely valuable sourcebook for these troubled times. -- Kenneth Hoover, Author of Economics as Ideology: Keynes, Laski, Hayek, and the Creation of of Contemporary Politics, and Professor Emeritus of P In John Kenneth Galbraith: The Economist as Political Theorist, Conrad Waligorski continues his insightful, critical analysis of the political import of economic theories and ideas. In his typically thorough manner, Waligorski does a superb job in presenting the inclusiveness of Galbraith's brand of liberalism and his undogmatic orientation toward competing points of view. In the process he reminds us of the continued importance of much of Galbraith's thinking and analyses for contemporary political economy. -- Michael T. Gibbons, professor of government and international affairs, University of South Florida Recommended. CHOICE This book provides a detailed and insightful examination of Galbraith's thought, and brings out well his contribution as a quintessential American liberal. Poltical Studies Review Waligorski's new work shows why Galbraith was not just a maverick economist or a populizer of abstract economic ideas, but also a major contributor to the development of liberal political thought in the second half of the 20th century. Highly recommended. -- Edward J. Harpham, professor of government and political science, University of Texas at Dallas
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