Capability and Quality in Higher Education

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Juni 1998



The new focus in learning is on developing the individual's capability. This work looks at this in the context of improving skills, lifelong learning and welfare-to-work. It debates the issues within the setting of institutional strategies, work-based learning, skills development and assessment.


Embedding capability in the curriculum; building a learning community - developing an integrated strategy for the 21st century; capabilities across the curriculum; the TEC experience; learner managed learning; work-based learning and learning organisations; development of skills and the career management initiative; an institutional strategy for transferable skills and employability; linking capability to levels and assessment; an assessment topic; capability through HE; profiling, learning outcomes and learning contracts; building a learning organisation through institutional capability; the capability experience at Bournemouth University; the partnership framework and personal and professional development; independent study programmes and autonomous learning.


"The breadth of institutions and the range of individual contributors to this book will ensure that it is widely read." Journal of College Student Development.
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