Through My Eyes: Memoirs of Hitler's Berlin

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Februar 2006



Written in a straightforward style, Through My Eyes is a poignant first-hand account of the years of social and political upheaval during Adolf Hitler's Third Reich. Author Gisela McBride shares recollections from her childhood in Berlin, her fears of war and air raids, and her family's flight from the advancing Soviet Army and attacks by American fighter planes.


Gisela R. McBride was born and raised in Berlin. At the end of World War II, she moved to London, emigrated to Canada in 1957, and finally moved to the United States. At the age of 62, Ms. McBride graduated with a liberal arts degree from Pennsylvania State University. An avid painter, she has exhibited her work throughout Pennsylvania and in Washington, DC. While living in Washington, DC, she was a foreign language docent at the National Gallery of Art. Ms. McBride currently lives in Carlisle, PA.


It has been my pleasure to hear Gisela McBride speak of her experience growing up in Nazi Germany... Audiences will learn...[about] the war from a different angle leading to a more comprehensive understanding of different cultures and political systems. -- Janeal Jaroh, Education Curator, Cumberland County Historical Society This first-person account shows how Germans-anti-Nazis-were able to survive in Hitler's Germany... Gisela McBride shows us that resistance to a fascist regime can take many different and subtle forms. I highly recommend this book for students of all disciplines. -- Ursula Schreffler, Adjunct Instructor in German, Messiah College Gisela McBride...brings several dimensions to the topic of World War II...frequently under represented from the purely American perspective. Such as the general role of women in warfare, the perspective of the enemy civilian, life under a totalitarian dictator, and the impact of warfare on children... -- Tim Neff, Director of Education, Soldiers & Sailors National Military Museum & Memorial
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