Nigeria's Urban History: Past and Present

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Nigeria's Urban History is a collection of sixteen peer-reviewed essays that explore the nature of Nigeria's urbanism and the challenges it faces. Beginning with analysis of the role of colonialism in the country's urban identity, the volume examines the role of the present oil economy, gender issues, human interactions, poverty, crime, prostitution, and transportation on the nature of urban life and culture.


Chapter 1 List of Tables and Illustrations Chapter 2 Acknowledgements Chapter 3 Foreword Chapter 4 Abbreviations Chapter 5 1. Reflection on Nigeria's Urban History Chapter 6 2. Human Factor in Urbanization Chapter 7 3. Gender, Urbanization, and Socio-Economic Development Chapter 8 4. The Impact of Road Transportation Chapter 9 5. Role of Theater and Drama in Political and Urban Development Chapter 10 6. Prostitution and Urban Social Relations Chapter 11 7. Policing Urban Prostitution Chapter 12 8. Urban Neglect and Underdevelopment of a Border Town Chapter 13 9. Transformation of the Sabongari Chapter 14 10. Colonial and Postcolonial Architecture and Urbanism Chapter 15 11. Legal Aspect of Urban Development Chapter 16 12. Industries as Catalyst of Urban Development: A Microanalysis Chapter 17 13. Urbanism and Traditional Religion Chapter 18 14. Urbanism and Ethnic Crises Since the 1980s Chapter 19 15. Managing Rural and Urban Poverty Chapter 20 16. The Development of a Federal Capital Territory-Abuja Chapter 21 About the Editor and Contributors Chapter 22 Index


Hakeem Ibikunle Tijani is Assistant Professor of History and Social Science at the University of St. Francis. He received his Ph.D. in History from the University of South Africa. In addition to this book, he is the author of Britain, Leftist Nationalists, and the Transfer of Power in Nigeria, 1945-1965 (New York / London: Routledge, 2006).


In Nigeria's Urban History, Tijani has successfully put together one of the most comprehensive discourses on urbanization in Nigeria. A truly scholarly enterprise, with contributions by a corps of experts...this work is a critical and balanced study, and an informative excursion into the under-researched but important aspect of Nigerian studies. The compendium is a giant achievement and a compelling read. -- Adebayo Oyebade, Associate Professor of History, Tennessee State University Nigeria's Urban History: Past and Present is a considerable body of scholarship on Nigerian urbanization...[in the vein of] Akin Mabogunje's pioneering study... Hakeem Tijani must be commended for this volume that enriches the knowledge of the general reader...[and] pushes the frontiers of the specialist's understanding. -- Akanmu Adebayo, Professor of History & Executive Director Global Initiatives, Kennesaw State University
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