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A collection of essays written over the years by Frederick Sontag, American Life addresses various ethical, philosophical, and religious topics in American history and explores how these experiences can be used to face problems in the future.


Chapter 1 Barbarians Within the Gates Chapter 2 Claremont Spring Chapter 3 Compassion, Tolerance, and Privacy: Three Missing Virtues Today? Chapter 4 Ellis Island: Prejudice Revealed Chapter 5 Freedom and Anarchy Chapter 6 How to Separate Church and State Chapter 7 Is Kappa Delta the Source of All Evil? Chapter 8 No Melting Pot for Wasps? Chapter 9 "On Being a 'Racist' by Definition" Chapter 10 Rugby: One Five College Sport Chapter 11 Philippines: Can Democracy Escape Jail? Chapter 12 Pluralism in American Philosophy?: Reflections on the State of Philosophy Chapter 13 Prejudice, Discrimination, and Hierarchy Chapter 14 President Marcos and Senator Aquino: Colonization vs. Democracy Chapter 15 Reborn Americans Chapter 16 Redefining the American Chapter 17 Religion and America: Under Revolutionary Pressure from Eastern Theologies Chapter 18 Religion in Student Life Chapter 19 Speech Censorship Rooted in American History Chapter 20 The American Dream in the Age of Aquarius Chapter 21 The American Religious Experience Chapter 22 The Philippines for the Philipinos Chapter 23 The Rise and Fall of the American Dream Chapter 24 The Volunteer Society Chapter 25 What Does Pomona Not Have Today? Chapter 26 What the Young Cannot Understand: Is 'different' always 'good'?


Frederick Sontag was born in 1924 in Long Beach, California. He received his B.A. from Stanford University, and his M.A. and Ph.D. from Yale University. Including American Life, he has written 27 books and several short articles that discuss a wide range of topics from philosophy to metaphysics. Currently, he is Professor of Philosophy at Pomona College.
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