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BDThe philosophy of symbiosism designates the rational, and therefore universal, principles of human behavior for living together in peace, security, and happiness. The name has been coined by the author from the combination of three common terms: a prefix, 'sym-,' meaning 'together'; a root and combining form, 'bios,' meaning 'mode of life'; and a suffix, '-ism,' meaning doctrine or adherence to a system of principles. Synthesized from moral traditions of various religions and philosophies of both the West and the East, the concept of Symbiosism presented in this work is intended to serve as the moral foundation for the cultural and political unification of democratic societies throughout the worl


Chapter 1 Introduction Chapter 2 I. The First Principle of Ethics-Noninjury Chapter 3 II. The Second Principle of Ethics-Utility Chapter 4 III. Utilitarianism Chapter 5 IV. Universal Law Chapter 6 V. The Third Principle of Ethics-Beneficial Reciprocity Chapter 7 VI. Reciprocitarianism Chapter 8 VII. Universal Benevolence Chapter 9 VIII. The Fourth Principle of Ethics-Magnanimity Chapter 10 Synthesis


This is author Charles Thomas Taylor's fourth book. His latest work, Toward World Sovereignty, also from University Press of America, renews the call for world federalism, which provoked an intense albeit brief interest among the world's democracies immediately following World War Two. Symbiosism represents a recapitulation, development, expansion, and reformulation of a uniform and practicable universal morality that was suggested but not fully explored in his earlier works. Charles Thomas Taylor lives in Colorado where he is Director of Finance at Airport Development Group, Inc.
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