Beckett's Books: A Cultural History of the Interwar Notes

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August 2006



A genuinely ground-breaking study of Beckett's notes on his reading during the interwar years, now available in paperback for the first time.>


Foreword by Shane Weller; Preface and Acknowledgements; Introduction; 1. Theorising 'Misology': Approaching Beckettian Paradoxes; 2. Beckett's 'poss': An Introduction to "The Interwar Notes"; 3. 'Fallor, Ergo Sum!': The 'Philosophy Notes'; 4. 'TEMPORARILY SANE': The 'Psychology Notes'; 5. 'Myself I Cannot Save': Geulincx, Mauthner and Beckett; 6. Conclusions; Works Cited; Index.


Matthew Feldman is Promising Research Fellow at University College, Northampton.


'Matthew Feldman's groundbreaking study Beckett's Books is the first scholarly monograph to take full cognisance of the wealth of new archival material available to Beckett scholars since 2002...Feldman employs, with remarkable results, the principle of falsifiability to Becketts' interwar and postwar development. The Notebooks' primary interest is for the light they shed on Beckett's intellectual development... As Feldman convincingly shows, the Notebooks enable us to trace Beckett's unlearning of systematized knowledge as he reaches towards his artistic goals. A significant outcome of Feldman's study will be the re-reading of extant Beckett criticism in the light of this new archival material, a process already well underway, but one which will doubtless evolve further. As we know, there are many possible Becketts: existential, post-structuralist, psychological, religious, postmodern, political to name a few. Beckett is a global author whose works seems to evoke cross-cultural and theoretically diverse responses. Feldman's attempt to narrow scholarly focus and, through some astute literary archeology, to re-inject empirical precision into Beckett studies comes at an opportune moment and may well send us scuttling back to the archives in our efforts to delve further. Benjamin Keatinge, Trinity College Dublin
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