Developments in Risk-based Approaches to Safety

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This book assembles papers presented at the 14th Annual Safety-critical Systems Symposium, held at Bristol, UK in February 2006. The papers address the most critical topics in the field of safety-critical systems. The focus, considered from various perspectives, is on recent developments in risk-based approaches. Subjects discussed include innovation in risk analysis, management risk, the safety case, software safety, language development and the creation of systems for complex control functions.


Tutorial.- People and Systems: Striking a Safe Balance between Human and Machine.- New Approaches to Risk Assessment.- Risk Assessment for M42 Active Traffic Management.- Safety Risk Assessment by Monte Carlo Simulation of Complex Safety Critical Operations.- So how do you make a full ALARP justification? Introducing the Accident Tetrahedron as a guide for Approaching Completeness..- Experience of Developing Safety Cases.- Safety Case Practice - Meet the Challenge.- Safety Case Development - a Practical Guide.- Management Influence on Safety.- Governing Safety Management.- Understanding the Risks Posed by Management.- Common Law Safety Case Approaches to Safety Critical Systems Assurance.- Software Safety.- Ada 2005 for High-Integrity Systems.- Safety Aspects of a Landing Gear System.- New Technologies in Safety-Critical Systems.- Optimising Data-Driven Safety Related Systems.- Classification with Confidence for Critical Systems.- Use of Graphical Probabilistic Models to build SIL claims based on software safety standards such as IEC61508-3.- Adding Dimensions to Safety Cases.- Safety arguments for use with data-driven safety systems.- Gaining Confidence in Goal-based Safety Cases.
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