Teacher Cognition and Language Education: Research and Practice

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The study of teacher cognition - what teachers think, know, and believe - and of its relationship to teachers' classroom practices has become a key theme in the field of language teaching and teacher education. This monograph provides a discussion of the research on language teacher cognition.


Introduction; Chapter 1: The Origins of Teacher Cognition Research; Chapter 2: The Cognitions of Pre-service Language Teachers; Chapter 3: The Cognitions of In-service Language Teachers; Chapter 4: Teacher Cognition in Grammar Teaching; Chapter 5: Teacher Cognition in Literacy Instruction; Chapter 6: Self-Report Instruments; Chapter 7: Verbal Commentaries; Chapter 8: Observation; Chapter 9: Reflective Writing; Chapter 10: A Framework for Studying Language Teacher; Cognition.


Dr Simon Borg is Senior Lecturer in TESOL at the School of Education, University of Leeds, UK.


This book is well written and well organized. Each chapter includes a summary, tables are given throughout to draw comparisons among studies, and studies that are discussed in more than one place are cross-referenced. It will prove a quite useful resource for those conducting research in the domain of teacher cognition. In addition, the framework Borg offers could inform future research by providing a coherent paradigm and by engendering collaborative work. The book is also of value to teacher trainers, who will be interested in understanding the influences of preservice training on actual classroom practices. Modern Language Journal, Vol. 92 No. 1, 2008--Sanford Lakoff
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