Advanced Language Learning: The Contribution of Halliday and Vygotsky

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Examines the need for advanced levels of language learning from socio-cultural and linguistic perspectives.>


Introduction; Part I: Theoretical considerations in advanced instructed learning; 1. Educating for advanced foreign language capacities - Christian M I M Matthiessen; 2. Generalised collective dialogue and advanced foreign language capacities - James V. Wertsch; 3. The relevance of languaculture and conceptual knowledge for advanced proficiency - James P. Lantolf; Part II: Description and Instruction; 4. Language, agency and collaboration in advanced second language proficiency - Merrill Swain; 5. The linguistic features of advanced language use - Mary Schleppegrell. 6. The problem of text construction and the advanced language learner - Marianna Ryshina-Pankova; 7. Bilingual heritage speakers acquiring Spanish - Teresa Oteiza; 8. Approaching second language writing instruction - Susan Strauss; 9. Academic French - Alice Caffarel; 10. Meaning-making in Italian - Roberta Piazza; 11. Grammatical metaphor - M. Cecilia Colombi; Part III: Pragmatic and curricular issues; 12. Meeting the challenge of comprehensive curriculum construction - Heidi Byrnes; 13. Genre as a curricular framework for collegiate L2 learning - Cori Crane.; 14. Developing a heritage language speaker track to support L2 acquisition - Sylvia Pessoa; 15. Advanced learning for intermediate learners - N A J Moore.


Heidi Byrnes is Professor of German at Georgetown University, USA.


"The book, however, is not as well balanced in terms of the two perspectives used as theoretical bases, with the majority of the papers taking an SFL outlook rather than an SCT one. In addition, although the compatibility of Hallidayan and Vygotskyan theories is alluded to in several contributions, there is no thorough or extended treatment of how the two theories can complement each other in approaches to advanced language teaching." -Maria C. M. De Guerreo, MLJ Reviews, (Modern Language Journal), Vol. 92 No. 2, 2008
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