Discourses of Endangerment: Ideology and Interest in the Defence of Languages

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Academic discussions and public debates frequently focus on the importance of defending languages against various kinds of dangers. This book argues that the discussions in question are not about language itself, but rather ideological struggles which are about the position of nation states and of minorities in the globalized world order.


1. Endangered discourses: sociolinguistics, globalization and the social order - Alexandre Duchene and Monica Heller; 2. Defending diversity: staking out a common global interest?-Shaylih Muehlmann; 3. Indigenous language endangerment and the unfinished business of nation-states - Donna Patrick; 4. Who wants to save the 'Patois d'Evolene'? - Marinette Matthey and Raphael Maitre; 5. Discourses of endangerment: contexts and consequences of essentializing discourses- Alexandra Jaffe; 6. Francais, acadien, acadjonne: Competing discourses of language preservation along the shores of the Baie Sainte-Marie - Annette Boudreau and Lise Dubois; 7. The future of Catalan: language endangerment and nationalist discourses in Catalonia- Joan Pujolar; 8. Language endangerment, war and peace in Northern Ireland - Tony Crowley; 9. Voices of endangerment: A language ideological debate in the Swedish language - Tommasso Milani; 10. Defending English in an English-dominant world: The Ideology of the 'Official English' Movement in the United States - Ron Schmidt; 11. Protecting French: The View from France - Claudine Moise; 12. Embracing diversity for the sake of unity: Linguistic hemogony and the pursuit of total Spanish - Jose Del Valle; 13. Language endangerment and verbal hygiene: history, morality and politics - Deborah Cameron.


Alexandre Duchene is Swiss National Science Foundation Postdoctoral Research Fellow and Lecturer in Sociolinguistics at the University of Basel, Switzerland. Monica Heller is Professor in the Department of Sociology and Equity Studies in Education of the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education (OISE), University of Toronto, Canada.


."..the volume's co-editors argue persuasively...an especially compelling set of questions...authors [are] very skilled in reading ideologies from their data...As a critique of discourses of endangerment, the volume makes significant strides not merely in questioning the rhetorical strategies used to discuss language extinction but also in disclosing conflicts of interest underlying these approaches...this volume takes a major step in offering a language ideological interpretation of how political-economic interests have shaped two very different kinds of threats - one rather real, the other quite imagined...it is a critical complement to such works for scholars interested in language ideological construction of "endangerment."" Language in Society, 2009
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