The Musical Idea: And the Logic, Technique, and Art of Its Presentation

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The Gedanke manuscripts, from which The Musical Idea is compiled, arelegendary writings of Arnold Schoenberg. Central to his concern was his concept ofthe "musical idea," which represents the wholeness of the musical work andembraces Schoenberg's notions of motive, gestalt, phrase, theme, rhythm, harmony, and form. Ultimately, the musical idea is the vision of the composer by which amusical work achieves unity in relation to the means by which the work iscomprehended in its unity by the listener.


Commentary; The Musical Idea and the Logic, Technique, and Art of Its Presentation; Elements of Form; Rhythm; Miscellaneous; Harmony


Arnold Schoenberg (1874 1951) is one of the most prominent figures in 20th-century music and musical thought, perhaps best known for his development of Twelve Tone theory.Patricia Carpenter (1923 2000) was Professor Emerita, Barnard College, and former Vice President of the Society for Music Theory.Severine Neff is currently Eugene Falk Distinguished Professor in the Department of Music at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill."


"This book is easy to read because there is no analysis without aim, no theoretical viewing without connections to genuine musical aspects." Eike Fess, Besprechungen, April 2007
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