Human Security and the UN: A Critical History

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Februar 2006



A hard-headed analysis of the role of the UN in translating ideas about human security from theory into practice


Part I. The Archaeology of Human Security 1. The Prehistory of Human Security; 2. The UN and Human Security during the Cold War; 3. The Evolving Critique of National Security Part II. The Emergence of Human Security 4. The UN and Human Security: The Development Dimension; 5. The UN and Human Security: The Protection Dimension; 6. Human Security and the Protection of Vulnerable Groups; 7. Human Security and the UN: A Critique


S. Neil MacFarlane is Lester B. Pearson Professor of International Relations and Head of the Department of Politics and International Relations at Oxford University and Professional Fellow at St. Anne s College.Yuen Foong Khong is John G. Winant University Lecturer in American Foreign Policy and Fellow of Nuffield College, Oxford University."


MacFarlane and Khong are strong on the 'archaeology of security'...[t]heir conclusion presents a useful summary of the state of the debate. -Timothy M. Shaw, University of the West Indies and Royal Roads University
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