Haitian Vodou: Spirit, Myth, and Reality

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November 2006



Haitian Vodou breaks away from European and American heuristic models forunderstanding a religio-philosophical system such as Vodou in order to form newapproaches with an African ethos. The contributors to this volume, all Haitians, examine the potentially radical and transformative possibilities of the religiousand philosophical ideologies of Vodou and locate its foundations more clearly withinan African heritage. Essays examine Vodou's roles in organizing rural resistance;forming political values for the transformation of Haiti; teaching social norms, values, and standards; influencing Haitian culture through art and music; mergingscience with philosophy, both theoretically and in the healing arts; and forming theHaitian "manbo," or priest.


1 Social Transformation in the African Diasporic Experience: The Concept of Person in Haitian Vodun Religion, Guerin C. Montilus; 2 Shadow Matter Universes in Haitian and Dagara Ontologies: A Comparative Study, Reginald O. Crosley; 3 Broken Mirrors: Mythos, Memories, and National History, Patrick Bellegarde-Smith; 4 Of Worlds Seen and Unseen: The Educational Character of Haitian Vodou, Claudine Michel; 5 Vodun, Music, and Society: An Affirmation of Identity, Gerdes Fleurant; 6 Vodoun, Peasant Songs, and Political Organizing, Renald Clerisme; 7 From the Horses' Mouths: Women's Words/Women's Worlds, Claudine Michel, Patrick Bellegarde-Smith, and Marlene Racine-Toussaint; 8 Rainbow over Water: Art, Vodou, Aestheticism, and Philosophy, Marc A. Christophe; 9 A Reading of the Marasa Concept in Lilas Desquiron's Les Chemins de Loco Miroir, Florence Bellande-Robertson; 10 Herbs and Energies: The Holistic Medical System of the Haitian People, Max-G. Beauvoir


Patrick Bellegarde-Smith is Professor of Africology at University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. He is author of Haiti: The Beached Citadel and In the Shadow of Powers: Dantes Bellegarde in Haitian Social Thought, and editor of Fragments of Bone: Neo-African Religions in the New World. He is a houngan asogwe, a priest of Vodou.Claudine Michel is Professor of Black Studies at the University of California, Santa Barbara. She is author of Aspects Educatifs et Moraux du Vodou Haitien and co-author of Theories du Developpement de l Enfant: Etudes Comparatives. She edits the Journal of Haitian Studies."
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