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A student guide to the work of the influential and important contemporary Continental thinker Paul Ricoeur, specifically focused on those themes, ideas and texts that prove particularly problematic and challenging for the student reader.


Preface; 1. Reading Ricoeur; 2. Freedom and Nature; 3. Ricoeur's Turn to Hermeneutics; 4. The Fullness of Language and Figurative Discourse; 5. Selfhood and Personal Identity; 6. Memory, Recognition, Practical Wisdom; Bibliography/Further Reading.


David Pellauer is Professor of Philosophy at DePaul University, USA. He is Editor of Philosophy Today and has translated many of Ricoeur's works into English.


"Pellauer offers a dense, chronological summary...To get a sense of Ricoeur's body of work essentially an evolving and complex philosophical anthropology - in Pellauer's compressed work is valuable...This volume is a good review for those who know the work of Ricoeur...Summing Up: Recommended. Lower-level undergraduates and above." -CHOICE --Sanford Lakoff
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