Pet Shop Boys

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The Pet Shop Boys are one of the most influential pop acts ever. Celebrating the 20th anniversary of their first album and coinciding with a new album and major world tour, PET SHOP BOYS, CATALOGUE is a lavish visual retrospective of Neil Tennant and Chris Lowe's entire career. Every aspect of their work is featured: all the elegantly designed sleeve artwork and packaging; stills and behind-the-scenes shots from every video, film, concert and theatre show; experimental stage sets and cutting-edge fashion and costume designs; collaborations; publications; merchandising; photo shoots; and even their personally designed invitations and Christmas cards.


Introduction: Being Pet Shop Boys; Catalogue; Pet Shop Boys in Conversation with Chris Heath.


Chris Heath is the author of Pet Shop Boys, Literally, Pet Shop Boys, Annually and Pet Shop Boys Versus America and, most recently, the instant bestseller Feel: Robbie Williams. Historian Philip Hoare has written critically acclaimed biographies of both Noel Coward and Stephen Tennant. He is also the author of Icons of Pop (1999) and Spike Island: The Memory of a Military Hospital (2001).
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