Cell Phone Culture

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August 2006



Draws on a range of national, regional, and international examples, to explore the new forms of consumption and use of communication and media technology that the phenomenon of mobiles represents. This work examines the implications in contemporary media convergence such as digital photography and mobile internet.


Acknowledgements List of abbreviations Introduction Chapter 1. What Do You Mean 'Cell Phone Culture' ?! Part 1: Producing the Cell Phone Chapter 2. Making Voice Portable: The Early History of the Cell Phone Chapter 3.Cool Phone: Nokia, Networks, and Identity Part 2: Consuming the Cell Phone Chapter 4. Txt Msg: The Rise and Rise of Messaging Cultures Chapter 5. Cellular Disability: Consumption, Design, and Access Part 3: Representing and Regulating the Cell Phone Chapter 6. Mobile Panic: Health, Manners, and Our Youth Chapter 7. Intimate Connections: Sex, Celebrity, and the Cell Phone Part 4: Mobile Convergences Chapter 8. On Mobile Photography: Camera Phones, Moblogging, and New Visual Cultures Chapter 9. The Third Screen: Mobile Internet and Television Chapter 10. Next Gen Mobile: 3G, 4G, and the Return of Location Conclusion Chapter 11. Mobiles as Media Bibliography
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