Wycliffe and How to Kill A Cat

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Juli 2006



Another classic crime novel featuring Cornwall's Superintendent Wycliffe.


W.J. Burley lived near Newquay in Cornwall, and was a schoolmaster until he retired to concentrate on his writing. His many Wycliffe books include, most recently, Wycliffe and the Guild of Nine. He died in 2002.


"Whenever a character comes back as many times as Chief Superintendent Wycliffe, a reviewer is faced with a dilemma: What can you say that you haven't already said? We called attention to Burley's solid plotting, well-described and colorful settings, and intriguing characters...Finally, we have no choice but to repeat ourselves by emphasizing one more time how pleasurable the familiar conventions of the genre can be in the hands of a writer as good as Burley." --"Booklist"
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