Process Systems Analysis and Control

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März 1991



A thorough revision of the best-selling text on Process Dynamics and Control, the new edition features inclusion of the use of the digital computer in problem solving. The volume also contains seventeen fundamentals chapters. New end-of-chapter problems and examples have been added. PC-based software by Tutsim Products is packaged with the solutions manual.


1 An Introductory Example

Part I The Laplace Transform

2 The Laplace Transform

3 Inversion by Partial Fractions

4 Further Properties of Transforms

Part II Linear Open-Loop System

5 Response of First-Order Systems

6 Physical Examples of First-Order Systems

7 Response of First-Order Systems in Series

8 Higher-Order Systems Second-Order and Transportation Lag

Part III Linear Closed-Loop Systems

9 The Control System

10 Controllers and Final Control Elements

11 Block Diagram of a Chemical-Reactor Control System

12 Closed-Loop Transfer Functions

13 Transient Response of Simple Control Systems

14 Stability

15 Root Locus

Part IV Frequency Responce

16 Introduction to Frequency Response

17 Control System Design by Frequency Response

Part V Process Applications

18 Advanced Control Strategies

19 Controller Tuning and Process Identification

20 Control Valves

21 Theoretical Analysis of Complex Processes

Part VI Sampled Data Control Systems

22 Sampling and Z-transforms.

23 Open-loop and Closed-loop Response

24 Stability

25 Modified Z-transforms

26 Sampled-Data Control of a First Order Process with Transport Lag

27 Design of Sampled-data Controllers

Part VII State Space Methods

28 State Space Representation of Physical Systems

29 Transfer Function Matrix

30 Multivariable Control

Part VIII Nonlinear Control

31 Examples of Nonlinear Systems

32 Methods of Phase Plane Analysis

33 The Describing Function Method

Part IX Computers in Process Control

34 Digital Computer Simulation of Control Systems

35 Microprocessor-Based Controllers and Distributed Control

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