New Perspectives in Health Care Ethics: An Interdisciplinary and Crosscultural Approach

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Tong, a well-known biomedical ethicist, combines medical ethics, bioethics, and her own unique insights to provide a comprehensive survey of contemporary health care ethics issues. Among the topics discussed in this book are complementary and alternative medicine; contraception and sterilization; infertility and assisted reproduction; and surrogate motherhood; genetic testing (screening and counseling); genetic therapy; biomedical and behavioral research; and euthanasia and assisted suicide. A useful reference work for those in the health care industry.


Part One: A Conceptual Framework for Health Care Ethics 1. Chapter One: Introduction 2. Chapter Two: Ethical Theories and Principles in Health Care 3. Chapter Three: The Health Care Professional-Patient Relationship Part Two: Health and Disease Issues 4. Chapter Four: Biological Givens or Social Constructions? 5. Chapter Five: Biomedical and Behavioral Research Part Three: Beginning of Life Issues 6. Chapter Six: Abortion 7. Chapter Seven: Reproduction-Assisting Technologies: Donor Insemination, In-vitro Fertilization, and Beyond 8. Chapter Eight: Genetic Screening, Counseling, and Therapy 9. Chapter Nine: Therapeutic Cloning, Reproductive Cloning, and Ectogenesis Part Four: End of Life Issues 10. Chapter Ten: The Aging Process and Long-Term Health Care 11. Chapter Eleven: Euthanasia, Assisted Suicide, and Palliative Care Part Five: Micro- and Macro-Allocation Issues 12. Chapter Twelve: Organ Transplantation: Individual Allocation Decisions 13. Chapter Thirteen: Health Care Reform: Social Distribution Decisions


Rosemarie Tong is distinguished Professor of Health Care Ethics at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. She is the author or co-author of Women, Sex, and the Law; Ethics in Policy Analysis; Feminist Thought: A Comprehensive Introduction; Feminine and Feminist Ethics; Controlling Our Reproductive Destiny: A Technological and Philosophical Perspective (with Lawrence Kaplan); Feminist Approaches to Bioethics;and Feminist Thought: A More Comprehensive Introduction. Her edited books include Feminist Philosophy: Essential Readings in Theory, Reinterpretation, and Application (with Nancy Tuana), Globalizing Feminist Bioethics (with Aida Santos and Gwen Anderson), and soon to be published Feminist Bioethics, Human Rights and the Developing World: Integrating Global and Local Perspectives (with Anne Donchin and Susan Dodds).

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