Are You Prepared to Teach Reading?: A Practical Tool for Self-Assessment

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April 2006



"Are You Prepared to Teach Reading? "will help students prepare for state certification examinations on reading instruction and self-regulate their own learning about teaching reading. This book has been adapted from the RICA supplement, a test-prep booklet created for students in the California teacher prep program who must pass the Reading Instruction Competence Assessment. Chapters in the book provide brief reviews of the components of reading instruction. Added to this national version of the book are discussions addressing fluency and English Language Learners. Case studies and thoughtful, diverse multicultural classroom scenarios allow readers to assess themselves with multiple choice decision-making questions, asking what readers know about reading practice. The book will be useful for all students who want to self-assess their fundamental knowledge of reading instruction, adequately prepare for their own state reading certification exams, or assess their core knowledge of literacy instruction if they are engaged in alternative certification programs.


Introduction Chapter 1 Planning, Organizing, and Managing Reading Instruction Chapter 2 Assessment of Reading Development Chapter 3 Concepts About Print Chapter 4 Phonemic Awareness Chapter 5 Phonics and Other Word Identification Strategies Chapter 6 Fluency Chapter 7 Spelling Instruction Chapter 8 Comprehension Chapter 9 Vocabulary Chapter 10 Content-Area Literacy Chapter 11 Literary Response and Analysis Chapter 12 Student Independent Reading Chapter 13 Supporting Reading Through Oral and Written Language Development Chapter 14 Structure of the English Language Chapter 15 English Learners Chapter 16 Test-taking Strategies Sample Explanation Answers to the Sample Examination For Further Reading Appendices
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