The Citizen Audience

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In this book, Richard Butsch focuses on the representation of audiences in a wide range of discourses through the twentieth century. He identifies three motifs: bad audiences depicted as crowds or isolated individuals, and good audiences as publics. All three are measured against the standard of citizenship, revealing an on-going preoccupation with the political significance of audiences in these discourses.


Introduction: The Politics of Audiences in America I. Crowds 1. Theater Audiences, Crowds and Publics 2. From Crowds to Masses: Movies, Radio and Advertising II.Publics 3. From Cultivated Individual to Public Citizen 4. Broadcast Publics III. Individuals 5. Mass Media, Mass Man 6. Media Effects and Passive Audiences 7. Boob Tube, Fans and Addicts: Pathological Audiences IV. Epilogue


Richard Butsch is Professor of Sociology, American Studies, and Film and Media Studies at Rider University. His Making of American Audiences (2000) was awarded the International Communication Association Best Book Award and the American Culture Association Cawelti Book Prize.


'It is indispensable to everyone who cares about public life, politics, and the future. Historians should not miss this quality analysis.' - The Journal of American History 'Richard Butsch...has changed the way I think about audiences.' - Oscar H. Gandy, Jr., AEJMC's Hot Topics in Journalism and Mass Communication 'The Citizen Audience does the important work not only of discussing historically noteworthy conceptions of audiences as crowds, publics, and individuals, but also of pointing out the limits of each theorization of civic audiences.' - Theatre Journal 'Briskly written and offering telling examples, the book provides the first theoretically sophisticated discussion of the primary orientations toward past US audiences for all major media... Highly recommended.' - CHOICE
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