Music and Musicians in Renaissance Cities and Towns

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This interdisciplinary collection examines musical culture in the towns and cities of Renaissance Europe and the New World. Although musicologists have already investigated such topics, lack of familiarity with (urban) historical methodologies has often resulted in failure to explore fully the ways in which the urban environment had an impact on musical activity of all kinds. This book aims to integrate musicological and urban-historical approaches in order to obtain a fuller understanding of the processes and circumstances that had an impact on Renaissance music and musicians.


1. Introduction: urban history, musicology and cities and towns in Renaissance Europe Fiona Kisby; 2. Music and urban culture in Austria - comparing profiles Reinhard Strohm; 3. Magnificence as civic image: music and ceremonial space in Early Modern Venice Iain Fenlon; 4. Secular music in the Burgh of Haddington, 1530-1640 John J. McGavin; 5. Civic subsidy and musicians in Southern France during the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries: a comparison of Montpellier, Toulouse and Avignon Gretchen Peters; 6. Masses, Morris and metrical psalms: music in the English parish, c. 1400-1600 Beat Kumin; 7. The role of religious guilds in the cultivation of ritual polyphony in England: the case of Louth, 1450-1550 Magnus Williamson; 8. Academic colleges in the Oxford community, 1400-1550 Beth Anne Lee-De Amici; 9. Music and court in Charles V's Valladolid, 1517-1539 Soterrana Aguirre Rincon; 10. Change and continuity in the Reformation period: church music in North German Towns, 1500-1600 Joachim Kremer; 11. Cathedral music, city and state: music in Reformation and political change at Christ Church cathedral, Dublin Barra Boydell; 12. Singers and scribes in the secular churches of Brussels Barbara Haggh; 13. Music and moonlighting: the cathedral choirmen of Early Modern England, 1558-1649 James Saunders; 14. Urban musical life in the European colonies: examples from Spanish America, 1530-1650 Egberto Bermudez; Index.


Fiona Kisby is Research Fellow at the Department of Music, Royal Holloway College, University of London.


'Dr Kisby has assembled an intimidating array of authorities and their contributions maintain a high level of scholarship.' Music and Letters
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