Banking Panics of the Gilded Age

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Februar 2006



This was the first major study of post-Civil War banking panics in almost a century.


1. The bank panic experience: an overview; 2. The banking panic of 1873; 3. Two incipient banking panics of 1884 and 1890: an unheralded success story; 4. The banking panic of 1893; 5. The trust company panic of 1907; 6. Were panics of the national banking era preventable?; 7. Epilogue; Appendix; References; Index.


"Elmus Wicker's fascinating new book on banking panics is an imaginative investigation." EH.NET (March2001) "Banking Panics of the Gilded Age...enhances our understanding of the crucial developments leading to the creation of our central bank and financial future...this book does make an important contribution to our understanding of U.S. banking history. Wicker's narrative and empirical support combine to paint a picture of the national banking era that is more comprehensive than previous work. Further, his concentration on Clearing House behavior forces his readers to critically re-evaluate their understanding of banking during the Gilded Age." Eastern Economic Review
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