Globalization and the Future of Labour Law

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April 2006



This collection of essays by leading legal scholars and lawyers from Europe and the Americas deals with the primary issues confronting the regulation of the global workplace. It examines the role of international labour standards and the contribution of the International Labour Organization, and assesses the success of the European experiment with continental employment standards. It explores the prospects for hemispheric co-operation on labour standards in the Americas, and deals with the impact of international labour standards on the rights of women and migrant workers.


Part I. Perspectives on Globalization: 1. The international labour dimension: an introduction Brian W. Burkett; 2. Who's afraid of globalization?: Reflections on the future of labour law Harry Arthurs; Part II. International Labour Standards: 3. Globalization and labour standards: a second look at the evidence Kevin Banks; 4. Globalization and the role of subsidiarity in the labour setting Veronique Marleau; 5. A game-theory account and defence of transnational labour standards: a Preliminary Look at the Problem Alan Hyde; Part III. The European Union: 6. Industrial relations and EU enlargement Manfred Weiss; 7. Trends and challenges of the labour law in Central Europe Arturo Bronstein; 8. Labour market integration: lessons from the European Union Catherine Barnard; Part IV. The Americas: 9. Labour rights in the FTAA Lance Compa; 10. Globalization and the just society: core labour rights, the FTAA, and development Brian Langille; 11. The future of labour integration: the South American perspective Jose Pastore; Part V. The ILO: 12. International labour standards in the globalized economy: Obstacles and opportunities for achieving progress Werner Sengenberger; 13. The growing importance of the International Labour Organization: the view from the United States Edward Potter; Part VI. Labour Rights: 14. Securing gender justice: The challenges facing international labour law Mary Cornish, Fay Faraday and Veena Verma; 15. International labour law and the protection of migrant workers: revitalizing the agenda in the era of globalization Ryzard Chloewinski.


Lawyer, Heenan Blaikie LLP, Toronto, and Adjunct Professor at the University of Western Ontario Faculty of Law, London, Ontario. Assistant Professor of Law at the University of Western Ontario.


"This book certainly covers issues of high profile public interest." Martina G. Viarengo, Labor History
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